Lifecycle Services

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Detron offers expertise, technology and processes to leading industrial companies.

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It is not always easy for industrial companies to replace hardware and systems once they come to the end of their economic life. It is vital to consider issues of compatibility and not put the security of your processes at risk. Especially where machine control is concerned, it is often better to opt for the repair, refurbishment and lifecycle extension of servers, computer parts and boards. 

Benefits of lifecycle management

  • Lower operational costs
  • Extension of performance and availability of systems
  • Reduced investment costs
  • Improved sustainability

Why choose Detron’s Lifecycle Services?

  • Short repair times
  • Cleanroom facilities
  • ESD and climate-controlled production facilities
  • Extended warranty
  • IPC 610C certified

True engineers

The origin of Detron’s Lifecycle Services goes back to the 1970s where the foundations of our advanced technological knowledge and expertise were laid. What makes Detron unique is that we relish a challenge and love tackling problems that others refuse. We ensure that your systems and processes keep working. And we optimise your total cost of ownership (TCO) and return on investment (ROI).

The fourth industrial revolution

Detron is an enabler of the fourth industrial revolution, Smart Industry. This process is sure to affect all sectors, businesses and employees. Those who wish to stay competitive at home and abroad cannot afford to ignore it. Big data, real-time information and the Internet of Things no longer belong in the realm of science fiction. The transition has been put in motion and requires your and our attention.