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Lifecycle issues cover a multitude of dynamic questions and insights. Those who work in this field must have in-depth knowledge – and Detron has that in abundance.

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Extending the lifecycle of hardware, ensuring an optimal design for product lines and infrastructures or securing the continuity of complex industrial processes are just a few of the areas which our consultants cover on behalf of clients every day.

Innovation and expertise

In addition to practical challenges, a multitude of possible issues of a more abstract nature may come up within the lifecycle domain. This includes topics such as the Internet of Things, Smart Industry, Smart Cities, pay per use, home automation, robotics and the circular economy. We are on the eve of major developments in which innovation and expertise will make all the difference. Are you ready?

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By choosing Detron, you choose peace of mind. We have the knowledge and experience required to look ahead and make decisions that will give you an edge over the competition. In addition, our production facility is ESD and climate controlled, we have cleanroom facilities at our disposal and are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.


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Extend the lifecycle of your industrial systems and avoid unnecessary investments in hardware. Detron can help you make major savings.

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