Extending the lifecycle of hardware and industrial systems is also a matter of looking ahead. Ideally, this starts with the engineering and configuration of new or refurbished hardware.

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To gain a good picture of the future possibilities of high-end systems, it is important to proceed carefully from the outset. Which systems and technologies are the future? How do you ensure that you can continue to operate in a flexible manner? And how do you optimise the security and reliability of your processes? These are all crucial questions you must ask before making investments.

Long-term partnerships

Detron builds, configures, installs and supplies both single components and complete high-end systems. In addition, we strive to maintain long-term partnerships and can provide the greatest added value when being of service throughout the product lifecycle. This also ensures the lowest possible TCO for you.

Together with Detron

Working with Detron assures you of peace of mind. We put together the optimal hardware based on our customers’ specifications and comprehensively test it before delivery. Further assurance comes from the fact that our production is ESD and climate controlled, we have cleanroom facilities available and are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.


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Extend the lifecycle of your industrial systems and avoid unnecessary investments in hardware. Detron can help you make major savings.

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