Lifecycle Services

Obsolescence management

If repair is not an option and it seems impossible to locate spare parts, Detron has other solutions to leverage on, including our international network of suppliers and dealers.

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The correct operation of industrial systems can depend on a single component. If a critical computer part is no longer manufactured and cannot be repaired, simply give Detron a call. Our global network enables us to track down even components that are no longer available through any of the usual channels. We also have good contacts with OEMs. If the production of a component is being stopped, we can usually still place a final order.

Stringent quality control

After ordering and receiving the desired item from wherever it is in the world, we subject it to a stringent quality control. If necessary, the item will be refurbished so we can be certain that it is in optimum condition when it becomes part of your hardware. If we cannot find the desired item, this can be built using reverse engineering.

Together with Detron

By choosing Detron, you choose peace of mind. We will find obsolete hardware for you and deliver it as new and carefully tested, complete with an extended warranty up to 48 months. We also have an ESD and climate controlled production facility and cleanroom facilities at our disposal and are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

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