Lifecycle Services

Refurbishment & Maintenance

Prevention is better than cure they say and that certainly applies to hardware and industrial systems. Refurbished and well-maintained hardware are good for continuity.

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If you want to make sure that your industrial systems operate at their best you don’t want to wait until problems arise. Timely refurbishment and comprehensive maintenance are a wise choice, especially when it comes to business-critical systems. In our ESD and climate-controlled production environment, your hardware is restored to a premium condition.

As-new condition

The refurbishment of hardware – such as servers, embedded boards and other equipment – starts with our engineers taking the devices apart completely, followed by thoroughly inspecting and cleaning of all components. Any parts that are significantly worn and all visual damaged components are replaced preventively. After stringent testing we return your hardware as good as new.

Together with Detron

Partnering with Detron ensures you peace of mind. Your hardware will be returned tested and in as-new condition, complete with an extended warranty up to 48 months. Moreover, our production facility is ESD and climate controlled, we have cleanroom facilities at our disposal and are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

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