Machine controlled systems that involve a substantial amount of software cannot easily be replaced. Compatibility is a particular challenge and repairs are often a better choice than replacement.

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Detron’s engineers are very well versed in root cause analysis (8D) and the repair of all conceivable industrial computer parts, embedded boards and power supplies. We have activities in various areas, including server repair, storage repair and computer parts repair. Detron is also IBM’s partner for all worldwide tape drive repair activities outside the US.

Vendor independent

At Detron, we understand the crucial importance of repairs done well. Recognising that your business processes are partly dependent on our work, we do everything in our power to provide a premium service. Detron is vendor independent and repairs computer parts from all major brands. You can count on us for lifecycle extension even for products which are no longer on the market.

Together with Detron

A choice for Detron’s Lifecycle Services is a choice for peace of mind. Your computer parts, servers and embedded boards will be returned to you as new and thoroughly tested, complete with an extended warranty of up to 48 months. What’s more, our production facility is ESD and climate controlled, we have cleanroom facilities at our disposal and are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

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Extend the lifecycle of your industrial systems and avoid unnecessary investments in hardware. Detron can help you make major savings.

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