New is not always better. An older software version may be preferable for your industrial systems to be compatible and work at their best.

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The optimal functioning and continuity of industrial systems depends largely on which version of firmware and other software they run. It is therefore crucial to install the right software versions and configurations when replacing hardware or components. This is the only way to ensure that your systems remain compatible... And Detron is there to help.

Version and licence management

Both version and licence management are a standard service. We keep track of the exact software versions with which your equipment operates, no matter how complex. This is a vital part of our work and prevents many problems, especially if your machines are a little older. Moreover, we meticulously map all the work we carry out on your behalf so that the history of version changes is always established and available.

Together with Detron

Detron offers you genuine peace of mind. We ensure the right configuration of software versions and make sure it is thoroughly tested prior to delivery. We are fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified, work in an ESD and climate-controlled production facility and have cleanroom facilities at our disposal.


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Extend the lifecycle of your industrial systems and avoid unnecessary investments in hardware. Detron can help you make major savings.

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