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Tape repair

Tape storage is the last line of defence, especially in major data infrastructures. It is (almost) impossible to hack and meet all the requirements for an efficient TCO.

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When it comes to mission-critical IT, you rightly demand optimal reliability. Your company depends on it completely. Although applications are key in this regard, company data is considered the new gold. To ensure your data is safe and available at all times, your hardware should always be up-to-date. Tape storage is an old but highly reliable solution that is still widely used.

The last line of defence

Tape storage has become indispensable. For example, did you know that all public cloud providers use tape storage as a data lake and archive system? This means that when you watch a video on YouTube, it could be being streamed from tape. Detron is your ideal partner if you’d like to learn more about the application of tape storage or need support for your tape solutions.

Expert in tape storage

Detron is an expert in the field of tape drive and tape library repairs and sustainable lifecycle management services. We can also help you design and set up new infrastructures. As a partner in the field of complete tape storage management, Detron provides support with:


Working with Detron

By choosing Detron you choose peace of mind, including advice on and solutions for tape storage. Our production facility is ESD and climate-controlled and we have cleanroom facilities at our disposal. Detron is fully ISO 9001 & 14001 certified.

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